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I get emotional everytime I watch. Please take a few minutes and listen to this video. (There's also a documentary called "Playing for Change" on

July 28, 2015

Winner takes all

Thought id make a few ATC
for the  Papertraders yahoo group
WTA    Winner takes all drawing

May 25, 2015

We will always have Paris

ATC swap over on   Papertraders yahoo group
We will always have Paris
Had fun doing these
thankyou to our hostess Mel !!

May 03, 2015

September 09, 2014

Masterboard and Tags

Sorry i have not kept my blog up to date
I promise  i will TRY to do better
in future   :)
These two pieces are for the
Masterboards and Tag swap
in the Yahoo  group  here;_ylc=X3oDMTJmMjQ5dDMyBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzE2NjIzMzQ3BGdycHNwSWQDMTcwNTc4NjI3MwRzZWMDdnRsBHNsawN2Z2hwBHN0aW1lAzE0MTAzMDAwNjI-

                                                             PARIS   theme 

ASIAN  Theme 

December 16, 2013

Lets hear it for the boys !!!!

New ATC swap at  Papertrader group
I had fun with these and couldnt stop making them   LOL

December 08, 2013

Painting commissions for December

Busy month for orders of my painted items
everyone was happy with the end project

Poinsettia Tray

This is quite a large tray
with beautiful gold  Filigree  
I used gold guilding on the  filigree pattern

 Camper Trailer sign
 This was a little sign painted for someones mom